Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I am Still Me

Enjoying Library Books....(camera phone)
The past several months I have been a busy girl. Attending charity events, socializing, enjoying time with fabulously inspiring adults. I dressed up at least once a week for something.  My photography business kept me busy in between my busy and heartening life. I was happy. I was inspired. I was making a difference. I was surrounded by some of the best people I have ever known. I smiled.

Then summer happened. My kids are with me most of the time. I have had to turn down many many events because of my children. My days have been full of busy swimming pools, water parks, libraries, friends over, vacation bible schools, baseball camps, my husband working from home, being interrupted by children more often than what I would like, play dates with friends, sleepovers, making lunches, grocery shopping for my ever emptying pantry, and spending time with other mothers (and best friends) in the same boat.

I have been told several times that people have asked about me. Some are worried. Some wonder if I will ever be back.

Guess what?

My photography business is still keeping me busy in between my busy and heartening life. I am still happy. I am still inspired. I am still making a difference. I am still surrounded by some of the best people I have ever known. I still smile.

Now is the time to make that difference not with huge charity events or finding that cocktail dress. Now is not the time to strap on my camera to photograph such events.

Now is the time to watch my ever growing children explore this summer. Raise money for my Breast Cancer 3Day with a lemonade stand, wear cut offs and flip flops. Strap on the camera (or grab my cell phone like the in the photo shown)  to capture youth of my babies. Because too very soon they will be teenagers.

So for now I will enjoy them smiling and proudly showing off their library cards. I will enjoy watching them read and enjoying the slow down moments. I will rock the baseball caps and ponytails. I will go down water slides with them and swim with them in the pool. I will take them to the Farmer's Market and the museum. They will experience Shakespeare in the Park and local summer theater programs. They will love watching mommy make milkshakes and picking tomatoes in the garden. We will visit their Poppy (my fabulous father in law) who is sick with cancer. They will draw him pictures and read to him. We will take walks and see movies. We will visit family. Some days we may just snuggle on the couch watching old Wonder Woman episodes.

It's all good. I will be back. In the Fall. I am still me, just being inspired one moment at a time.



Ruthie said...

Enjoy them, Sweet Kandi! Trust me, those days will pass like a vapor!

Shannon said...

Great post. Glad you are enjoying your kiddos and summertime. xoxo

Shannan Riemer said...

I love this post! OH, we have so much in common..i wish you lived here in Austin!

Kandice said...

Me too Shannan! We are so very much alike.