Thursday, March 14, 2013

Following Our Heart

Let me begin this blog post saying that we are GOOD. Life, health, faith and our relationships are fabulous and getting better every day.

Ok, got that out of the way. ;-)

A couple of months ago, something was put on my heart. I prayed about it before I actually let the words come out of my mouth. Then I went to my husband and said those words(with a little bit of fear that he would not like my idea).

"I think I want to homeschool"

He said that he was surprised that it has taken me this long and he was completely on board.

You see, I am not upset with out schools. I know for a fact that we have fabulous teachers who have our children's best interest in mind. There have been very inspiring teachers who have made a difference in the kids' lives. Some have even become friends of mine. I am also aware that there are other moms who simply do not have the opportunity to do this and that there are parents who simply would not want to spend that much time with their kids. :)  I get it, some kids just do not jive together.

For my family, it makes sense. We are not a fast forward family. We enjoy time in the kitchen creating healthy meals...all before (or after) ball practice. We play outside on pretty days and play games on gloomy days. We love learning together. My kids truly get along and (most of the time) teach and encourage each other. We love being together. We love being able to slow down when we need to.

We have lost my mom, my husband's dad and grandparents. We now have two family members with cancer in addition to my mother-in-law who is a survivor. We have also lost our sweet Lola.We each have one grandparent with us and we want to enjoy them. Life is too short, and I refuse to let a fast forward life make me regret not spending enough time with loved ones.

Speaking of my mother-in-law, I was nervous to tell her of my choice. Although, she was one who inspired me. She recently retired and has shown me that the "living life" attitude and enjoying the good stuff is good for the soul. So one day I told her, with maybe a little over explaining I am certain, and she was quiet for a moment. Then she said that she is so happy with our choice. She is fully confident that the kids will thrive and grow. She is also excited to be able to take vacations during the school year with them and to have lunch together on a weekday.

I also called the principal of the children's school and she was so kind and truly supportive. She actually said that if anyone could do it, I could. What a compliment!! I sent a letter to current and previous teachers and that was so well received. They know our family...and support our decision. The same reaction has come from friends and family, they just see us successfully doing this.

Andrew's last day was this past Friday. We will begin our journey on Monday and get into our groove. In a couple of weeks Jordan will join us. The kids could not be any more excited. They are looking forward to thinking outside the box, volunteering, finding new passions and learning together.

There will be more on this as we get used to this life and get over some hurdles. Until then, we look forward to reading all kinds of books together, volunteering at the library, learning to play the drums, begin dance lessons, audition for plays, focus on faith, love on our new puppy and  enjoy the good stuff.

We got this.


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Kellie said...

As a mom who home schools I think you have made an awesome decision that you will never regret! You will do great with it! If you have any questions I am here and will try to answer if I can.