Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas & Such

Boy, Christmas snuck up on me this time...but I fought like hell to stay on top of it. :) Not to be the over achieving mom, nope. Just to create memories for the family. They may be simple memories, but that's the good stuff.

With the introduction of Pintrest into my life, just like all of my friends, I am now constantly putting inspirational things onto my life to-do list. A few of those things I actually put into action.

Mind you, this is not fancy. Not the most creative. Done in a bit of a rush. I am sure I could have done a ton more to these....but you get what you get. Right?

The first was a simple ornament idea that my 7 year old daughter saw. She calls it "SPARKLES!!!". You should hear her say that. SO we put together some ornaments for the girls in our lives. (look away Evea....please):

Next up was an advent calendar. We decided to have an activity advent. We numbered little envelopes and wrote activities on the card stock. We display the activity once it is done. It was easy, and most activities are easy. Although two will require quite a bit of work! One actually is going to end with about 40 kids at my house I am sure. Really really.

I have had a few people ask me what the activities are....

In no order:
  1. make cookies for a neighbor
  2. watch a Christmas movie
  3. write a holiday play
  4. stir peppermint into coffee, cocoa, or tea
  5. watch Jordan's holiday performance
  6. watch Andrew's musical performance
  7. do a scavenger hunt with friends in neighborhood for local food bank
  8. write a Christmas letter to a soldier
  9. decorate ornaments for friends
  10. go see friend's Christmas play
  11. go look at Christmas lights
  12. eat some peppermint ice cream
  13. go see friend perform in Annie
  14. spend night with besties
  15. Christmas Carol with friends (this is what has turned into a TON of people)
  16. make snowflakes
  17. celebrate Daddy's birthday
  18. bring Christmas flowers to Nana at cemetery
  19. make homemade hot chocolate
  20. decorate cookies
  21. write letter to Santa
  22. tell a stranger Merry Christmas
  23. watch a Christmas TV special
  24. Christmas Eve Surprise!
I hope this inspires you all in some way. :)

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Anonymous said...

Very Inspiring. You're an awesome girl. I'm proud to call you my friend.

- Christi