Saturday, March 1, 2008

Knock on Wood

I think the sickies have left my house. Yeeeehaaaaw! It seemed on going.
Andrew missed nearly a week of school and he finally went back Friday. YES!

I am doing everything I can to keep this family healthy, from a major spring cleaning on Thursday to small lifestyle changes, there may be hope. I am open to any advice for a healthier home. I am kind of new to the natural living movement but I do know that I am impressed with vinegar and it's uses. So much cheaper than the other stuff. I am still not ready to give up a few cleaners, but with time.

I also said goodbye to my plugins. It was a very sad day, but I feel good about it. I became addicted to those little boogers.

Tonight I have a wedding to shoot (a casino theme at an aviation museum, should be fun!).
More later.



Dawn Endres said...

I'm glad Drew is feeling better now. Sickness sucks. We had the same thing over here. Glad it's gone too. Have fun on your photo shoot! Great theme! I love to gamble. hehe!

Rebecca said...

Hope you are all truly on the mend! Here's to no more sickies!!

Chelsea said...

Whew! Yay for no more sickies!
Sounds like a cool wedding! Have fun!