Wednesday, July 23, 2008

4 Years Ago My Life Changed

This little girl was brought into our lives. She was nothing I expected but now I know she is everything our family needed. She made Andrew the best big brother ever. She made her daddy know what it means when other dads say that a little girl will melt your heart. She made me open my mind and be a better person.

My dear son (who celebrated his half birthday today as we do with each child's birthday) was an easy little man. He slept great, ate great, weaned with no issues, and was pretty happy and independent. I had no idea how people could co-sleep, nurse for longer than 3 months (I couldn't even talk to people about nursing), and I didn't get that whole attachment parenting frame of mind.

Then came Jordan. Almost 2 weeks past my due date. My epi did not work with her and I just was not ready for that pain. But she was born and mad. She cried a lot as did I. Then, after a day she was nursing like a champ. After a week she wanted to nurse all.the.time. And me expecting her to be like Andrew tried to put her on a schedule. She was MAD. She would not sleep anywhere but in my arms. So many nights of her crying next to me in her bassinet me trying to make her sleep without me. When Chad read in a book that some babies need that 4th trimester. Some children need to stay in the womb mentally for much longer. And it clicked...she was a different child. Soon I got a sling and gave up on her being as "easy" as her brother. And life was good. I had to explain myself often. I was judged more often than I would like to know. I know people thought I was doing it all wrong and thought I was a push over. husband supported me, it made me a better person to be around, and Jordan found her happy place. I was able to play with Andrew a lot more, and he became happier. We were good. And so what if J didn't take a bottle? That meant no going out for me, or date nights for Chad and me. But it wouldn't be forever now, would it?

Jordan was weaned at 14 months(or 15...can't remember). She still slept with us. My arms were all she knew for that entire time. Alone at night was not something she knew. But what was most important was during the day she was independent, confident, smart and happy. She still is. Also around age 9 months loved real food. Baby food was not her thing. She was having what we had to eat. Her first birthday meal? BBQ. She loved it. And she was already potty training. In THAT point...she WAS easy! Lucky me!

Today at age 4 , she still loves my arms. But she is steps. In her brother's room will last her until around midnight or 1am (tonight it was 3am!! And she went back to bed, but she had a friend over too). She is a great eater, has wonderful communication skills, is compassionate, and truly loves her family and friends. I am so very proud of this little person, and what is funny is that although Chad and I have guided her, she was meant to be like this. An old soul if you will.

So to you Jordan, thank you. Thank you for being such a sweet sister to your wonderful brother. Thank you for teaching your daddy and I how to become the best parents for YOU. Thank you for opening my eyes and seeing the world in a different way.

In my best fancy talk that we so love to do:
Dahling Jordan. You, my dear, are lovely. I love you as big as the universe.

Happy Birthday. MOM


Jessica & Colton said...

Just precious! She is so adorable. You were very blessed with two beautiful and great children. =)
Happy Birthday Jordan!!!!

Nush with the Tush said...

Happy birthday Jordan.

Krysta said...

happy birthday to a sweet, special, beeee-yutiful little princess!

Claudia said...

Happy Birthday Jordan. You are a lucky girl to have such a beautiful person as a mother.

Chelsea said...

So beautiful!
She will love reading this someday!