Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love is in the Air

After a day of sessions, I headed home to enjoy my family on Valentine's Day.
After a yummy dinner that Chad and I made, Jordan and I jetted off to get her ready for the big dance. Daddy was out of town for the Father/Daughter dance, so she wanted to dance with him on Valentine's Day.

Getting Pretty for Daddy
May I have this dance?
She is smitten
She kept dipping herself. Haha.
Poor Lola wanted to dance.
Jordan didn't know that Andrew and I were having our own dance. Our dance was silly she said.
But she would join in anyways. Andrew and I had so much fun. Swoon.
Swing yer partner
Chad came back to join us
Andrew asked Lola for a dance.
Then he asked his sister. What a guy.
The princess must run off...the clock was about to strike 9.
"Thank you daddy"


Tasha said...

What a great night!

ColtonandJessica said...

Awh!!! :) Your family is adorable.

Sarah said...

Yay for dancing with Daddy! Isn't it the best? What a fabulous evening!

Nush with the Tush said...

I am all choked up! What a beautiful thing is it so see a family with so much heart and respect for one another. We love you guys!

Back to just the "2" of us said...

WOW! Just came across your page, I love it!!! I am in McKiiney and just started this whole blogging thing. It's addicting! Wish I knew more about getting followers.
Anyway... just thought I would let you know... GREAT JOB on the blog!
Oh yea... We have two boxers...Kolby & Gunner.

Back to just the "2" of us said...

How did you get your page for your contents so wide?? Mine is very narrow.

Andi said...

So sweet! Yup, our daughters love dancing with their Daddy's!! Ashleigh and Brian went to the Father/Daughter Dance for the 3rd year in a row! It's just so sweet seeing our girls get so excited!

Rebecca said...

<3 <3 <3 <3