Friday, March 13, 2009

Bringing Happiness to Friday the 13th.

Thanks to the Shutter Sisters, I was inspired to photograph something pretty.
I got lucky because Jordan was working on a book (her fave thing to do is make books out of tracing paper). This morning she was making a traced flower book and titled it "Pretty" but she sounded it out:

Pride (pretty)

Speaking of pretty, Jordan enjoyed a tea party the other day (well, everyday but I happened to capture it a couple days ago. :)

The End


Lauren Bedford said...

I love it! - Lauren B

ColtonandJessica said...

Sooo cute.

P.S. My "captcha" word was "prankin" haha

Beth said...

The tea party pics are my favorite!

Dina said...

oh I *heart* that tea set!!!

Kandice said...

Target Dina. :)

Marci said...

She is adorable...what a creative little girl!