Saturday, March 7, 2009

California-A Visit to Grandpa

A few weeks ago, the kids and I made a last minute trip out to see my Grandpa, Dad, and more family. Grandpa had been sick, so it was time we made the trip.

On the flight there, Andrew lost his very first tooth. The flight attendants (yeah Southwest Airlines) made announcements and even took up a toothfairy collection. Andrew walked away with $16. Not too shabby, eh?

I won't go into detail about the visit, but I want to say something. My son is such a sweet soul. He was up all hours of the night just to check on Grandpa, rub his back, get him water...etc. Then he was up bright and early with my dad to get the fire started. Then there was Jordan, who bonded with my Aunt Sandy and Uncle Ernie like she has known them her whole life. It was seriously something that made me so proud. I am so blessed to have the children that I do.

We did take a day to get out of the desert (they live in Dagget CA) so that we could hit Newport Beach. It was a wonderful day. It was SO nice to be back, Newport Beach was one of my favorite places to visit as a child when I lived in California.

Here are some fun and sweet pictures from the visit.
p.s. After the visit we learned that Grandpa's health and spirits were much better. Children are amazing.

Letter to Daddy
Uncle Earnie, Aunt Sandy, Dad and kids
Grandpa with the kids showing off their treasures

With their rock bags...not much else to collect in the desert. :)
Calico Ghost Town
Getting a rootbeer

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