Friday, June 24, 2011

Small Pockets, Faerie Dreams, Fried Flies, Pet Spiders, and SPARKLES!!

A random image of this summer.
I never go into summer thinking, THIS year I will be the best mom ever (that makes me snort)! But I do want to create memories. Some memories are not productive or educational. Nope. But some are. I also continue to work on my grown up life. But summer makes me put a little part of my grown up life in my back pocket until the Fall. Not all of it, mind you. Momma likes margaritas and girl talk too much for it ALL to go in that back pocket. Yep. Small pockets. Very small pockets.

Here are my late night random thoughts, since you asked. You did, didn't you?

  • Jordan has very long and vivid dreams. She loves to wake up in the morning and tell me every single detail. Lots of details. The dreams are long. Get it (twitch)? But I do love when she dreams of faeries. She did this morning, and their were frogs and a very talkative blue bird who had a lot to say. This morning, I loved hearing her dreams. Other mornings....well.
  • I discovered on Tuesday that Andrew has a pet spider. In his room. He feeds him flies. Moths are also fed to him but they take the spider a long time to eat. The spider is in an old bubble gum tin. He survives just fine. He gets air twice a day. Oh my.
  • Speaking of bugs, we got an electric fly swatter. AKA the "effer gitter". We bought one years ago to get those aggressive bees (or wasps? I don't know). Andrew now loves zapping flies. Which is great. Until you smell a burning fly. He informed his sister today that fried flies stink. I am sure she is thrilled to know this.
  • Kids love the farm camp. They also love that their good friends (their mom is one of my best friends and a huge inspiration to me...her whole family is - and a shout out for her and her hubby) are joining them. At this moment I have my two kids and her's FINALLY asleep in my living room. The good stuff.
  • Part of my noneducational time with the kids was Monday. I wasn't feeling awesome, slight fever. So we stayed in our pajamas all day and watched H2O all day long. No...really. Like 14 episodes. I liked it. We have watched a few more since then. Yes sir.
  • After watching the previously mentioned show, Jordan decided to finally stop plugging her nose underwater and attempt swimming like a mermaid. She rocked it. Now mind you, she was swimming almost before she could walk. Never feared the water and taught herself to swim (as she does everything...if she wants it then she will figure it out). She has decided that she IS a mermaid stuck in a little girl's body.
  • I need grown up time. I miss some of my dearest friends and my best friends.
That being said, I am lucky to spend the summer with the kids. I love the water park, swimming pool, ice cream truck, backyard water gun fights, hula hooping, lazy pj days, busy farmers market days, play dates, picnics, camps, trampoline with sprinklers, and (gasp) fried flies. I love having time to make homemade orange juice, going to the library, treasure hunts and board games.

But again, I have a small back pockets. Just sayin'.

p.s. the SPARKLES was for those who know my daughter....that is all.


Brandi Fowler said...

Love it! :)

ColtonandJessica said...

Love this! :)


This photo is amazing; looks like a Norman Rockwall painting!

You painted such a great story...felt like I was reading a story written be your mom <3