Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Morning Musings

My Thoughts

I love being surrounded by quirky, silly, lovely yet imperfect women. It helps me remind AND show my daughter that perfect girls are boring. She believes me because she sees my lovely, color outside of the lines, confident, and witty friends.

Oh how I enjoyed sitting outside, under a blanket, drinking hot tea with my sweet son last night. While hubby and my daughter were at softball practice, we had time to connect. He is getting so big, yet still enjoys time with me. It was a gorgeous night.

I get my new camera today! Squeal!!!! So ready to play!!

Speaking of.... after taking quite some time off to focus on my family, I am scheduling sessions again. Not as many as before, since we have active children and I am enjoying my weekends with my family.

J has her first softball game tomorrow! Can't wait!

I am so loving more and more date nights with my husband. We had gone months and months without one. All of a sudden we are spoiled. Nice to reconnect. Really.

I have so many friends that I am proud of for so many reasons. Stepping out of their comfort zones. Healthier living. Setting boundaries with negative people/situations. Recreating themselves into a better version of them. Embracing the good instead of running from it. I could go on and on. Rock on my dear friends!

I have come to realize that certain changes are so hard that they can even break your heart. You wonder if those changes were the right ones to make. Have to trust....

Have a fabulous weekend everyone.


Anonymous said...

Amen sista. You have a joie de vivre and it's contagious! Life has grown and changed and gotten 100 miles an hour crazy. Slowing down for a bit and reconnecting is my new favorite time of the day! Thanks for inspiring me as always! Love, beth blonde

Mrs. Bianca said...

definitely have to trust. get on with your bad self and live the days with your loves! :)