Thursday, June 5, 2008

Welcome to...

Summer Vacation.

Today my 6 year old told his kindergarten classmates goodbye.
They signed shirts.
They signed yearbooks.
They were sprayed with silly string by their loving teacher.
The walked out of that school no longer the youngest in the school.

So, what now? We have one weekend trip planned because the rest of the summer I am have sessions scheduled every Saturday. So pretty much Chad is in charge of Saturday outings.

So today we took out a roll of brown packaging wrap and wrote down things we would like to do this summer during the week:

  • Go to a farm (will be taken care of on our weekend trip)
  • Make a homemade blueberry pie
  • Sell lemonade on the corner
  • Picnic in town square
  • Make cookies for someone who needs cheering up
  • Watch clouds all day (Jordan's idea)
  • Spend a day at farmers market
  • A day at Turner Falls
  • Make a fairy garden
  • Have a slumber party
  • Touch an animal that we have never touched
  • Make a new friend
  • Try a new snow cone flavor every week

Since I am watching a wonderful baby boy twice a week now, I needed go-to things to keep them busy if I was in the middle of doing something...or if I need to edit pics and not entertain them.

The "I don't know what to do next" jar (and when TV is OFF). I would love any more ideas!

  • write a letter to a grandparent
  • make a map for a treasure hunt
  • puzzles
  • read a book
  • book on tape
  • tea party
  • clean your room
  • play with Lola outside
  • pray
  • yoga
  • draw a picture for daddy
  • write daddy a letter
  • color
  • playdough
  • write a story
  • dust
  • help sort laundry
  • look through a cookbook and write down ingredients for a dish you want to make
  • water paint on fence
  • trampoline
  • make up a dance
  • make up a song
  • prepare a concert for the night
  • dress up as someone else
  • think of 5 things that make you happy
  • paint your sister's toenails
  • give your brother a faux hawk
  • massage MY FEET! hehe
  • write fan mail to your fave singer
  • think of 5 ways to make someone else happy
  • make sure any little thing is off the floor so the baby can't get it
  • write a thank you note to someone who made you happy
  • call Dee
  • have a staring match

And last, I would love ideas on making summer

more special from you vets out there.


Claudia said...

Those all sound like fabulous ideas, in fact I think I might have to steal them! Happy Summer!

Tasha said...

Wonderful ideas!! I may have to borrow some since this is my first summer home with Tyler : )

Andi said...

You are such an amazing woman, I WILL be stealing some of your ideas for Ashleigh. Can I be like you when I grow up? See you in July! ~Andrea

Jeana said...

BRILLIANT! I too would like to borrow some of these ideas. :)

Rebecca said...

Love this!! I am trying to work on something similar for my kiddos.

You can add "Invite Rebecca and kids over for a playdate" to your list. :D