Thursday, May 15, 2008

More On Our Month

Since I have not posted much, here is a super quick update on the month activities:
  • We had my side of the family over for some great conversation and to celebrate my brother's 39th birthday and my 35th birthday.

  • I celebrated my 35th birthday week. :) I was surprised with a little gift everyday from Chad.

  • Jordan and I drove to Kansas to visit and support a dear friend. Her house burned to the ground and we just wanted to try to help them out. It was a nice trip and on the way back, we stopped by Turner Falls for some fun. Jordan and I truly enjoyed each other's company

Sara and I in Kansas....sigh

Jordan in Turner Falls

  • While gone to Kansas, Chad and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary...swoon

  • I had a wonderful weekend with some girlfriends. A night out and watching my lovely friend, Donna, crash Colin Boyd's band. She was awesome. Then a day at white rock lake with my girlfriends and the kids. Wonderful weekend.

  • Chad did some traveling

  • warm weather came, we had fun!

  • Mother's Day was a great day. We spent the day at Chad's parent's house and really enjoyed nice weather and good conversation.

Mimi and Kids

That is a basic rundown!

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Dawn Endres said...

What a fun time!

Sorry about your friends' house.

Happy Birthday and Anniversary!