Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My 1st Grader

Andrew and I (wasn't it last week he was DrewBear?) decided to have a Mommy/Drew day yesterday! Jordan started back to her Montessori school (same teacher, so it was an easy transition), so Andrew and I were pretty pumped about having some time together.

So we dropped off J and kind of high fived each other on the way to the car. I mean, J and I will have two days alone per week with just US. This alone day with my lovely firstborn is rare. Whooo hooo!

First stop, new shoes (and Speed Racer Undies, I love little boys) and a surprise at the Target Dollar Spot for both kids.

Second, we discussed our day. Movies or bowling. That was a tough call. We settled on bowling because mommy always takes them to movies. It was so much fun. We laughed and cheered and ate candy. All before noon! After that? Video games. I am not as good at Ms. Packman as I once was. What a shame. Ha.

Then came today. Up and ready using his chart, he fell right back into his routine. He even had 20 minutes to spare so he was granted 10 minutes of tv.

We walked to school (how nice is it to live this close?) and Andrew had no problem going into class. His teacher seems so sweet and he loves her smile. Haha. This will be a good year I believe. Jordan and I missed him so much, we kind of were lost souls, but with time we will get back into the groove.

Tomorrow will be my first day alone. WOW. J has school M-W-F, so I won't know what to do with myself. Actually, yes I will. Finish my website and launch it, edit a wedding, and fold that (UGGHHHH) pile of laundry. I will also be very lonely, maybe. :)

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