Sunday, August 24, 2008

Last Day of Summer

A while back I posted a list of things that we wanted to do or try...let's see how well we followed through with this list, shall we?

Go to a farm (will be taken care of on our weekend trip)-We did and it was amazing
Make a homemade blueberry pie-Nope, but made many other yummy blueberry creations
Sell lemonade on the corner-darn it no! It was too hot.
Picnic in town square-we did, though it was breakfast
Make cookies for someone who needs cheering up-no, but we did make brownies for someone
Watch clouds all day (Jordan's idea) -10 minutess was all she needed a few times a week
Spend a day at farmers market-we visited a famers market but didn't stay all day
A day at Turner Falls No, too hot on days we could. Maybe a Fall trip?
Make a fairy garden Yes!
Have a slumber party Yes!
Touch an animal that we have never touched YES!
Make a new friend Yes!
Try a new snow cone flavor every week -not every week but we did visit the stand often!

1 comment:

Nush with the Tush said...

great idea!!! I thought of making a list. Nothing helps get things accomplished like a good ole list.

You are such a fun mommy.