Thursday, September 18, 2008

Girl Day

Girl Days are awesome. They represent so much. NOT just pedicures and shopping, but a chance to bond and open up again. Girls need that every couple of months at least!
After we took Andrew to school on Tuesday, we announced girl day. Fancy talk soon followed and discussions of breakfast. We settle on La Madeline for quiche, croissants and strawberries. What else does a girl need for breakfast? It was a great breakfast and it was time for our pedicures.
Jordan was a statue during her pedi, other than a random mouth covered with her little hand giggle with glee. We laughed and made funny faces back and forth as we got our toes beautified!
Then it was time to search for something that Jordan has been looking for. A purse for her to put over head and across her body, but it had to be big enough for her pegacorn and random 4 year old things to fit in. After many stores we hit Libby Lu and found one on clearance.
We then had lunch with friends and headed home to get Andrew from school. It was such a lovely day that we went outside for for bike riding and hanging out.
During this day, I was able to capture a few fun pictures. And no, Andrew is not wearing a helmet while doing tricks on his bike. I know. :)


Susan said...

You are such an awesome Mom!! I love the photos.

JessicaandColton said...

GREAT pictures Kandi! I love the pink wall. =)

Deetree said...

Yay! Aww, your kids are dolls, and I love that Hello Kitty was there for girl day too! ;]

Rebecca said...

Girl days are awesome! I look forward to some of my own in a year or two! :D

Sarah said...

Yay for girl days! And the photos are awesome.

Dawn Endres said...

What a fun day! I love the pictures! Too cute!!