Friday, November 14, 2008


Tis the season to stay so busy. My busiest time of year.
I LOVE my job. Adore it. Desire it.

But I have other jobs.
Mommy. Wife. Friend.

Lately I have been so very busy that I haven't had much time to be anything. I know until mid December I will be underwater. Rarely coming up for air. I am preparing myself.

Over 4 years ago I quit my 40 hour a week job so that I could be a stay at home mom. My little hobby of taking pictures turned into a successful career. I love my career. Yet I sometimes forget that I am also still a stay at home mom. So here I am again working full time pretty much at home and still staying involved with my childrens' school. Still trying (not successfully) to keep a tidy home. Getting a healthy dinner on the table. Lunches made. Homework done. Husband kissed. Friends called. Dog exercized. Emails answered. Children read to. Laundry folded (don't laugh my dear Chad, I sometimes fold laundry).

You get the idea.

I need to breathe. Enjoy. Feel blessed that I have a job to get stressed over (because I bring it on myself don't I?), that my kids are healthy enough to run around and scream and fight, that my husband enjoys my cooking (snicker), that I have more great friends that a girl could ask for, that I have family to call, a house to clean, the best dog in the world, and clothes to fold. I will remember to thank God for my answered prayers.

As soon as I finish this mess of a blog, I will wake up my family and get the kids ready for school. I have been up since 4:30 editing. But I needed a break. After I take my daughter to school, I will come back home and edit. Then clean some. Then maybe, if I am a very good girl, take time for me. Paint my toenails maybe? Shave my legs? Tweeze my eyebrows? I know. I know. I am pathetic.

One more breath before I wake up the household.



Chelsea said...

I love that even when you are drowning, you realize how blessed you are.
A new year will be here soon and I hope you can relax, at least at the start of it.
Love you, pretty mama!

Susan said...

Awesome post Momma. I love you. The dishes will wait. Paint your nails.

Tasha said...

((HUGS)) chica! I hope you get to relax soon!! See what happens when you get too good, darn talent : )

Rebecca said...

Hang in there!! I know it's a busy time, but you do such great work and make people happy and give them beautiful memories!

Miss you - hope to hang out soon! :D

Janette said...

well said! it is hard to sometimes take a step back and appreciate everything we have! thanks for reminding me as well!
love you!

David said...

Sorry, I need a second to catch my breath after reading that entry...

Congratulations on the new SAHM career and replace the one you had but quit, got it...

Thanks to Feedjit, here I am....a little south of you. As our twins get older and we're looking for a photographer, I'll keep you in mind...have a great day.