Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Magical Day

My day started off as usual. Getting Andrew up and ready for school. Telling Andrew and Chad bye...and began my day editing.

I have been working a lot as most of you know. So very much. SO every free second I get I edit.
This morning I got up from my computer to check on Jordan. She is home on Tuesdays and Thursdays and we used to do little things together. But the past several weeks I have been absorbed in my work that she has had to use her little imagination to keep herself busy and entertained. Which is totally ok. I know. Well, I checked in on her. She was on her knees, hands folded in prayer, eyes closed tightly.

"Dear God, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me become a pixie. I will be a very very good pixie. I promise God. And also, let my mommy stop working and spend time with me. Amen"

Gulp. My heart dropped. Turned off computer and got us ready. Turned off the rented Tinkerbell movie that she has been watching the past couple of days and we got ready. For what? I don't know.

She chose her black turtleneck, grey skirt, black tights and black boots to wear. Of course on her back she sported a pair of pink faerie wings. She also asked me to straighten her hair.

We got in the car...no destination chosen yet. But in the car Jordan saw the faerie working. :)
The dancing leaves twirling in the wind.
The trees blowing in circles.
The sun with the sparkles it leaves on the windows.

She saw them everywhere. And was in such a state of awe.

Where to go....where to go?

Then she asked...are there ice skating places really in our world? (her way of trying to figure out if things are real or not, she asks if they are in our world)

Aha. The Galleria.

So we arrived...and she was just amazed at the parking garage. Haha. We parked next to a big store that has not appealed to me at all before. But Jordan saw little girls walking out of the store and she asked what it was.

"American Girl store honey. Yes. Like Kit from the movie you watched."

An hour later (and no money spent) we finally walked out of the magical store that is American Girl. She even found a Jordan doll (as in she looked like Jordan). And she loved the babies. I have to say, I loved it too (I may have gotten teary eyed walking into the store).

Now, off to the mall. We found the ice skating rink and watched for a long time. We got hungry and she wanted La Madeline (it's all about bread and strawberries folks). So we were choosing what we wanted, and she asked the man behind the counter for strawberries without the yucky cream sauce. He said in the most Louis Armstrong voice I have ever heard, "Sure! How about whipped cream baby? You gotta like whipped cream!".

"Yes please!" Then she whispered "Mommy, pick me up".

So I did. And he handed her the plate. She said, "Thank you for making my very special day!!!". With that she got three more strawberries as I seriously saw swoon. Awww.

We ate and chatted and talked in high pitched faerie talk. Then....we heard a little girl talking about Santa.


We walked and walked and found him. We were 2nd in line. Yeeeehawww!

And Santa spoke. Softly, and acted as if he knew Jordan. She sat on his lap and they talked. So much that they didn't pose for the pic (my fave kind). Then, with one finger motioning me over to them, Santa (in a non perverted way) invited me to sit next to them on the chair. He looked at me and said how I've grown. He asked if I remembered the doll he brought me when I was 4. I said yes...almost breathless (today IS magical...right?). I knew it was an act, but just be young minded as you read this. He looked at me and told me that he had told Jordan the same thing he told me when I was younger. He may bring her one or two things that she wants, but sometimes Santa likes to bring what HE thinks she will like. He looked at her and said he loved her artwork and he may bring her crayons that weren't broken like the ones she has. :) AWWW. Then, he looked at us both. And said..."You know that neighbor you have that seems lonely? Make her sugar cookies. Put them in a Ziploc bag and tell her Merry Christmas. When she eats those, she with think of you". We both gave him a hug. I was seriously almost in tears. I LOVED him.

Then we did other things like play in toy stores, she rode a train, and we had a milkshake. But it was perfect.

Next I want to spend a day like this with Andrew. Hopefully very soon.

Until then....can you find the faerie wings?


Amba said...

awww man. tears over here. love your day, kandi. and your daughter, the most perfect pixie there ever was. and you, the among best mama's i've known. xoxox (give pixie girl some eyelash kisses from me).

Rebecca said...

AWWWWWW!!! Perfect!

But I can't believe you guys were at the Galleria - so were Keeley and I, and we sat and then shopped with Cheryl for a bit!!

ColtonandJessica said...

I seriously got all teary-eyed reading this. How precious. Jordan is seriously the best girl in the whole world. Again, you are the best mommy. How fun for her. =)


OMG that is the sweetest story ever! I am glad you got to stop what you were doing and hang with your girl! And stop editing pics and enjoy your kids, ok maybe not really :)!

Amber said...

you had me in tears!

Nush with the Tush said...

girl this post totally made me teary eyed. How incrediblely special.

Andi said...

I am so glad that you girls had such a magical day! You both deserve it and the best days are always the un-planned days! Here's to more un-planned days!

Mrs. Bianca said...

I'm in awe of such a day. I can't wait until Mari is a little bit older and I can play hookie from work and surprise her with a day like the one you had! :D

Krista said...

I'm totally taking my kids to the Galleria next year to see "santa".