Tuesday, May 12, 2009


It is late and I am tired. Tonight I have my children on my mind.

Summer is quickly sneaking up on me, and I am thrilled to have it arrive. My children are older, and often you will have to listen to me moan about the little fights and tattling. You will also listen to my ewy gooey lovins.

Tonight, like so many of my parent friends, I am simply smitten with my kids.


1. The children, upon hearing that Mother's Day was around the corner, whispered and were all shades of sneaky the day before Mom's Day. On their own they came up with my gifts.
Andrew, who is trying hard to work on his neater handwriting skills showed me his love in a very sweet Andrew way. On a little chalk board, he wrote VERY neatly "Happy Mother's Day Mom. I love you". His love language was neat penmanship and correct spelling. That is Andrew. Even more important, he remembered when he woke up what day it was and presented it to me. Jordan drew me a beautiful picture of swans, sunsets and the two of us with the word love, the word she loves to write and perfect in little twirls and swirls. She is four going on 12.

2. A new TV show that was recently advertised has the song "Don't Stop Believing!" and my kids sing it like rock stars. I had no idea why or how they knew it. Bedtime Storied hooked them up. I LOVE that they can hear a song, know it and have a memory that comes with it. I adore that they know everyone from Harry Connick Jr to ZZ Top and everywhere in between without a doubt.

3. When Jordan wants for someone to remember something she asks us to "Keep it in our mind"

4. Trampoline jumping is not always jumping, but silly Three Stooges acts.

5. Andrew can not wait to move to Paris to learn how to cook like them

6. Jordan can not wait to meet Taylor Swift and write songs with her

7. I can go on and on and on and on and on

Sigh....I want to write so much but I am so tired. Even though this month has been so very hard, I am so lucky to have my family. So.very.lucky


Nush with the Tush said...


ColtonandJessica said...

They are blessed with a great mom as well.

Dina said...

lovely :)

Sarah said...

I think it is wonderful that you see and appreciate their individual "love languages". Like Dina said... just lovely.