Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm That Girl Who

I have been making lists like crazy. I have quite a bit of travel coming up, and lists help me focus.
I adore reading other's lists. It may be a grocery list, happy list, to-do list, bucket list, things I did list, etc....I love them all. Lists make me smile.

Currently I have a few lists in my head. I will get to those eventually.

This morning I was checking out my lovely friend's blog and saw her list.

I'm That Girl Who:
  • spills coffee every time if I am the first one to pour from the pot
  • is not naturally organized. It is a chore
  • prefers her own popcorn in the movie theatre
  • loves seeing movies alone
  • gets her feelings hurt easily
  • has a hard time making up her mind if given too many choices
  • chooses her ice cream flavor by the color of her shirt (see above and making up my mind)
  • should wear glasses often but rarely does
  • is confident
  • is insecure
  • loves God
  • is useless when reading a good book
  • is humbled by her children
  • has a big brother that she adores, although they are nothing alike
  • uses the word adore too much
  • truly loves meeting new people and getting to know them
  • has a ton of friends, and I love them each in their own way
  • dislikes her feet
  • sees beauty in everyone
  • loves the word lovely
  • likes making lists

I could go on, but in two minutes the kids' alarm will go off and it will be time to get ready for school.

So tell me, what kind of girl are you? When you make the list, add a comment so I can read your lovely list. :)


The Steinman Squad said...

You inspired me (again) - you're good at that. ;) I made my list.

Anonymous said...

Great list! I made my own. :)

Mrs. Bianca said...

I made my own too! Thanks for doing this: