Friday, March 19, 2010

Seaside Florida: Part 1

We knew we wanted a vacation.

We knew we wanted the beach.

That is about all we knew. We had a budget. No destination.

After looking (okay, obsessing)...I had it narrowed down to about 6 locations. Still wayyy too many decisions for me, the girl who can't chose an ice cream flavor to save her life. We narrowed it down by deciding to stay in the U.S.

After much researching, I narrowed it down to two locations, then to one (because the other choice would make a better girl trip).

We were on our way to Seaside, FL. Although <------ that website offers cottages through the Cottage Rental Agency, I went another direction and found a charming home thanks to Sandpiper Vacation Rentals. I called them to check on the availability of a home I fell in love with. Shannon, the vacation specialist, called me and was positive I would love Seaside. She was so helpful and energetic (not annoyingly so...hehe). That day I booked the home "Fantasia". Then the flight and the car. We were set!


The day arrived. We woke up early, packed up the car and headed for the airport. The kids were pumped. Poor Andrew had strep throat (doesn't that always happen? Someone is sick on vacation?) so he wasn't AS thrilled. But obviously by this phone image....Jordan was roaring to go.

Entering Seaside was like entering into a movie (must be why they chose Seaside to film The Truman Show). Airstream trailers lines the main street selling BBQ, cocktails, cupcakes, and more. Beautiful homes were lined down quaint streets, the ocean in plain view just beyond cool food joints like Pickles and The Shrimp Shack.

We arrived before our check in time, so we decided to grab a bite to eat and check out the town. We decided on the most popular restaurant in Seaside....Bud and Alley's. We were seated in a bright room with a direct view to the beach. It was perfect (other than my poor son who was fading fast). The waitress was a doll with gorgeous blue eyes. She was thrilled to see North Texans in her section. She was from Dallas. :) Around us sat retired couples who were friends by the time their meal was over. Behind us sat a lady by herself enjoying a glass of wine. She seemed to enjoy watching my family. I figured she was taking a break from her own family for a quiet early lunch (remember this).

After a lovely meal with even lovelier views, we did a quick tour of the town. Sundog Books was a hit. We hung out for 30 minutes checking out cool titles, children's books that I have not seen anywhere else, and fun little toys & quirky gifts. There Jordan picked out a small dolphin toy and a book on Dolphins. Andrew got zombie finger puppets. Haha.

It was finally time to check into the home. Momma was giddy with excitement.

more to come........

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