Monday, November 22, 2010

19 Things to Do Before I am 38

I only have 5 months to complete this....So I must make it realistic. That means very simple!And cut the list in half

1. Make homemade icecream
2. Raise at least $1500 towards my 3day Walk in San Diego
3. Organize my work station
4. Run an entire 5k
5. Not gain a pound during the holidays
6. Try very hard to return every text message ha
7. Supply my brother with at least 15 new egg recipes for his egg makin' chickens
8. Learn the basics of fly fishing
9. See more great movies
10. Open up a tad more
11. Run a 5K with my nephew
12. Keep my feet pretty...then buckle down on the Breast Cancer 3day training
13. Visit a brewery
14. Hula Hoop at the gym at least 3 times a week (dork)
15. Write more letters to family instead of emails
16. Assist my kids in their passions of the year
17. Continue to stay inspired and expand my business
18. Succeed in checking off this list. ;)


Anonymous said...

good luck with the 5k runs and continue supporting breast cancer and keep fit. greetings from singapore (:

Anonymous said...


Sorry, How old are you? cause this sentences very different from each other.Just i wondered (:

The 52 said...


My friend and I are doing something similar to your 'must do before i'm 38' thing. We've got 52 tasks/experiences to complete in the 52 weeks of 2011,(which is actually why we've started a blog on here). I like your list! Good luck!! xx

Samurai Shonan said...

Start with the feet first and work your way up. 38 is a nice age. I just turned 57 but feel like I am in my 30's. Good luck.