Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Mermaid In My Life....

Grew up tonight. She has always gotten life. Her lessons in life have been treated with respect by her, and she has never taken advantage of my trust in "life lessons"  in her. As much as some moms may think that our choice was too mature for such a little girl, in my heart I feel so ok.

You see, my 7 year old blond daughter has grown up with blond hair...on her head. My lovely and confident daughter grew up with black long and thick hair on her legs. She has been a rockstar on her own. She never asked me or voiced her concerns about her dark haired legs...until last summer. Had nothing to do with her trying to be a big girl. She simply saw that her legs were sooooo hairy and dark and thick.

I am all about confidence, so I spoke this her about this. I am a boudoir photographer! I get it. But, I am an all natural girl.
Tonight, as any night for the past 2 years, my daughter put on her brave smile with the dress she picked...saying "I pray mommy that noone sees my hair.".

I saw her soul. She is confident, she is lovely, she is smart, she is good.

I tried  her daddy's razor.... we shaved her calve and shin. She cried as she said "mommy, thank you for getting me. I will always respect you". She followed this with prayer.. "Thank you for my mommy understanding me, Lord. I pray she always gets me, I pray I always get her... I pray for all of my friends....amen."


Shannon Bogan said...

Tissue alert! What a sweet post and a sweet girl! I just love her to death!

ColtonandJessica said...

Just when I thought I couldn't love the two of you more. *swoon