Friday, August 3, 2012

Cheers to Habits and Organization!

It has been almost a whole week of my entire family creating new (positive) habits and getting organized. This is huge. I am not a creature of habit. Neither is my daughter. We just go with the flow being the hippies that we are. We are also not organized at all. We are right brained creative thinkers. To us, organizing is stacking papers, creating piles, etc. Now, to my husband and son, they ARE creatures of habit. They adapted to this without much of a problem.

So here are the habits that we all now have, it doesn't take up a whole lot of time and the kids don't complain. They seem to like it consistency.

  • We all wake up and make the beds right away.
  • Kids read for 20-30 minutes before breakfast (my son doesn't even come out of his room until he has finished reading, this is something he wants to do).
  • Everyone washes their own breakfast dishes and puts them back where they found them. This takes no time, and you don't have crusty cereal bowls (or egg plates, or bacon grease) sitting on the sink. This has also reduced our use of the dishwasher in a big way.
  • Everyone uses the same glass/cup during the day. I made a little place holder for cups out of an old picture frame. This also keeps the dishwasher from being used as much.
  • We all have adhered to my new cleaning schedule, and everyone looks at it daily to see what was done and what needs done. Andrew wipes down his sink before bed every night. Jordan sweeps the kitchen daily. They take turns vacuuming, dusting, etc. We work together. It rocks. Kids don't complain because they are enjoying a clean house. I am enjoying it because anyone can stop by and I won't be embarrassed of the house. :) I may be embarrassed of my appearance though. Ha.
  • Shoes are placed where they belong (we are still getting used to this, maybe not a habit yet).
  • We go by my menu for the week and stick to it. Saves on groceries, eating out, and prevents unhealthy choices.
In addition to the above; the kids and I exercise together (weights, weighted hula hoop, etc), say prayers for people the moment we hear they need it, and we have all reduced our screen time by a little bit. ;-)

I am truly proud of us. Let's hope it sticks and we continue forming positive habits for a happier life.

Not the best pictures, but you get the idea. :)

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