Friday, September 7, 2012

I am....

  • awake after being woken up by my daughter. Her hand on my cheek, a kiss on the nose, that Jordan morning breath, and a whisper, "Mommy, I just need your snuggles". I did so happily.... until she took over the bed. All legs.
  • excited and a little (lot) stressed after committing to the Susan G Komen walk again. Less that 60 days to raise so much, during a very busy time for my business. $70 down, $2230 to go! Oy.
  • giddy to walk the 3 Day with my beautiful 15 year old niece! It will be a fab 60 miles.
  • organizing room parent stuff.
  • sad that my children won't have a grandparent at Grandparent's day today, but so happy and thankful that my Aunt Terri will be there for them, even if for a short while.
  • getting the itch to just GO. Somewhere. See something new, become inspired, breathe in some fresh air. Hike, camp, something. Please. The gypsy in me is screaming.
  • happy to have lost 5 pounds this week. I have hit a plateau this summer, and I feel like I kicked that finally. Hoping the next 10 pounds melt right off. I know I could stand to melt a little more off....but I like my food. ;-)
  • need to go shoot! I missed the Girl and a Gun launch. My gun misses me. I miss it.
  • so very happy to have my cousin so close. Although she is 6 years younger than I am, she has always been an old soul. She gets me. I get her. No filters necessary.
  • missing my other "sisters".
  • worried about my mother in law. She broke her ankle last night. The husband caring for her as I type this. Hopefully he is sleeping and she is pain free.
  • pumped about a boudoir shoot tomorrow!
  • hoping to see my girls tonight, if even for a short while.
  • ending my random thoughts. Time for tea, editing, yoga, and a little peace before this crazy day begins.

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