Monday, April 7, 2008

Our Slow Down Sunday

A few months ago I was overworked, stressed, and I missed my family time on the weekends because I worked Saturdays and Sundays. Chad and I were not spending much time together at all, I just felt like we were not connected as a family. Chad was a single parent pretty much on the weekends and I was one during the week.
One day while driving, Jordan requested to listen to her man, Zane Lewis. There is a song on his first cd called Slow Down Sunday, I have heard it a zillion times but something in me clicked that day. Sunday, slowdown, family time,mom's kitchen after church, the one day to relax. That was it, boundaries. I had to say no to working. Sundays will be saved for my beautiful family. Time to chill with my husband. Time to
I have enjoyed my Sundays since then, sometimes we make it to church, other days we sleep in (especially after shooting a wedding the night before). I feel that we have reconnected.
Yesterday was a normal Sunday around here, but the weather was beautiful. Chad attempted flying a kite but the wind wasn't cooperating, either way the kids had fun. I love our neighborhood, we live on a cul de sac and the children can play in the street.
Jordan either wears her ballet shoes outside or she is barefoot, so much like her mom. Little free spirit. Andrew is his daddy's shadow, it rocks. I love watching the family in action.
Enjoy these photos, a simple day in the life of the Ray's. :)


The Performance
Isn't she lovely?
I told Andrew to blow the kite to make it fly
Growing up, huh?

Run Forest! Little girl loves running.
Andrew letting his sister win
Trying to be cool. It works.


The Mama said...

Awesome pics! How precious they are! Cherish this time it will be gone before you know it.

Sarah said...

You take the most glorious photos! Your post inspires me to take some REAL time to be with my husband and little one and RELAX together as a family. Thanks!

Chelsea said...

Awesome post.
It's so true that we all need to slow down and appreciate simplicity.
Great pics!

Dawn Endres said...

I think that's great.

I love the pics.

Maggie said...

I love your family! You do take wonderful pictures.

Rebecca said...

What a gorgeous day!! And a gorgeous family! :D