Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Yes, it has been over a month. Life happened. Business picked up. My food blog is being ignored. is grand.

Preparing for summer, I am attempting to decrease my workload and take fewer appointments...because I have listened to all of the little old men and women who stop me in the store saying the words that many parent's hear.

Enjoy this time. They grow up so fast. Enjoy those little angels.

Aren't here a few songs written about the same thing?

Here is the deal. As much as I want to enjoy those angels, as much as I want to enjoy this summer...I am a wee bit stressed about the bickering. Because the last few months I have heard a very frustrated and vocal little girl screaming "No Drew!!!" over and over and over (and over). I have seen a 6 year old boy whisper little things in his sister's ear like....oh..."there is a monster in your room" and follow it up with a "just pretending". Yeah, thanks. She will never ever sleep in her own bed now. You see, they fight. They tease. They tattle. They play.

They are siblings.

This is life. This is how they grow and learn. They are old enough now to play and fight. To discuss and agree. To teach and praise. They are best friends...with a dash of enemy thrown in for fun. They are 2 years and 5 months apart....they are bound to be close and close enough to get under each other's skin.

So, now that I gave you a visual....I know you are on the edge of your seat waiting to hear my plan of attack for this summer.

Here it goes...

  1. stay out of it. yes, me. They fight, they find a solution. So far it works 90% of the time. I tell them to discuss it and come to a solution. They are very cute in doing this. They sit down and face each other and come to an agreement (unless J is tired and looking for a fight).

  2. a chill out spot. what is this you ask? Just that. I started off with one spot, but they fought over it. Imagine that. So now we have two. Two rugs, two baskets full of inspirational books, music, stories on cd, yoga cards, stones to rub, many things that has changed daily. Calming things. I will add soothing picture and maybe a zen type garden. This is a safe place to go.

  3. books books books. Whether it is story time or reading at home....books seem to make them both happy

  4. time with friends. for ALL of us.

  5. no tv first thing in the morning. Better to start the day active and doing things and use the tv for the end of the day if need be.

  6. and the other usual summer stuff people do. Go places, art projects, swimming, create, learn, lunch time concerts, picnics, just be.

I am sure I will add to ideas, but until then....there is hope.

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