Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring ReDecorating

Those of you who know me, and have been to my house, know that it will look different every time you visit. I got the itch again recently after a trip to IKEA and shopping with me friend . Poor Chad walked into a different house once again after a business trip. :)
The 3 pieces of furniture below used to be in my back in living room. Haha. I am not big on "springy" decor, but I managed to find some earthy colored eggs and a cool little bird. I also wanted to bring out the green glass pieces that my mom bought for me on her shopping trips.

I found the items below at Golightly's Gallery. I loved the title of the book....and the little things hanging off of the wire picture holder were my Great Grandmother's clip on earrings. I love them.

I bought the some frames below at IKEA for next to nothing, the others I found in one of my trunks. I have wanted to frame some of the kids' artwork (shown is artwork by Andrew), and finally had a chance. The leaf picture Andrew took a while back ago, and the XOXO goodies were found at Uncommon Objects in Austin when Jordan and I were shopping. XOXO is something I like to use if you don't know that by now. I also threw in a photo booth picture of Jordan and me.
The blue dog at the bottom is Jordan's artwork. I adore the kids' art teacher.

Well, there you have it! Nothing super exciting, but a change nonetheless!
XOXO ;-)


Shannan Riemer said...

Haha, I am the same way. Everybody that comes over always says the same thing..oh you changed your...... again. OH, you rearranged again...I just love to change things up every few months. I can't wait for Jacob to get older to frame the art work, LOVE the blue dog-I have a print from New Orleans and I think I like Jordan's better:)

Allie & Evan said...

WIll you come decorate my place?

Shannon said...

LOVE their artwork! I need to get started on Kaleigh's gallery upstairs.

And I love the glass your mom bought you. The green just pops on those shelves!

I had so much fun on our trip and look forward to many more! :D