Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Few Of My Favorite Things: 2011

Inspired from my previous post and this post from 2008,I decided to share my favorite things at the moment (or they have been for a long time). Warning, several may revolved around food...but not all! Hover over links to get details on products and such.

Tahitian Gardenia Perfume: I have found this once again after our local natural food store stopped carrying it. Found it at Sprouts. This is a lovely subtle perfume that does not overwhelm, but I am often stopped to ask what I am wearing when I dab it on. ;-)

Roasted Chickpeas: These are also my daughter's fave snack ever. There are a gazillion ways to make it, but our fave variation is this.

Bison: Thanks to my dear friends, Jeff and "DonnaDear", we are sold. Although I can never ever ever recreate Jeff's meals (oh how I want his mustard sauce)....they turned on my entire family to bison. Read about the good stuff that bison has to offer here because I am too lazy to type it all out.  This is our fave way to make it. I need Jeff and DonnaDear to help me with more creative uses of it.

My Wonder Woman Coffee Mug: It makes me smile. Although the mug sees more tea than coffee, the attitude of the mug wakes me up.

My New Car (Buick Enclave in Cocoa): Something else that makes me smile. Funny how your fave things can make you smile. :) But this one can carry around my nieces and nephews and friends this summer. This being said, my fave car dealership is THIS ONE

Candied Bacon: NUFF SAID This is coming from a girl who doesn't like sweets

OnStar: Because it is cool and I feel like a VIP when I use it!

Pintrest: Duh

My 85mm 1.2: Several years later, it is still my fave lens ever. Especially for boudoir!

Salon LaPage: There are times I can't get in with the stylist I ask for. This being said, I am never ever let down. Now I don't know who the hell to go to. Ha.

MPIX: I have used MPIX for years personally...but totally impressed with print orders this year, plus reasonable prices! .

My Boots!  I love these even over a year later. I will always eye more boots, but these go with everything!

My Gym: They never let me down, no matter how naughty I have been.

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